Was standing outside a house today while an ex got stuff from his old house when a line of maybe 10 cars pulled up. Lady stops & says ‘we are from (church name) & we’re gonna honk our horns to say hi to an elderly parishioner stuck at home in quarantine’. It was a loud sweetness
Noticed a bunch (maybe 8) struggling neighbors I’d never seen before. Asked some struggling friends what was up & they said ‘it’s so empty in downtown historic district that they came out here where there’s still some businesses & people to ask for help’. That’s a hard reality
chatting with some struggling neighbors & they all congratulate me for going ‘up’ to detective. I say it’s just a different angle for the same job. And that they still had my cell phone. And they still do call. And I still do answer. They’re the point of whatever all this is
Talking to a struggling friend & she asks about her privacy rights in her tent. I tell her she has the same rights there as a billionaire has in her mansion. if a cop wants to go in, they need her consent or a warrant. She says ‘wow. I’d love to tell a cop no.’ I love that line.
I find myself stopping by certain struggling neighbors who are now friends at least once on every shift. They know a lot about what’s going on & they are good people. Often with legal issues we need to work out but still just really good people...
Yesterday a friend was trying to reach her parole officer. Having no luck. Needed to check in or risk getting jammed up & yet another warrant & then another arrest. Good timing cuz I then called a parole officer I know and just handed my phone to my neighbor. All squared away...
The smallest things create the biggest hassles for people dealing with a bunch of stuff. Burning time on your trac-phone to call your parole officer whose office is closed is an easy fix I can help with. And I’m gonna help with that stuff every time. There are no small good deeds
I’m endlessly amazed & often shamed at realizing how just the littlest thing can do such big positive good. The system (pick your system, legal, penal, health, education, welfare etc) is broken cuz we elect breakers. We need to elect helpers. We all matter or none of us do
Also don’t wear a mask while carrying a gun. Yeah. Don’t do that. Good night.
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