Imagine if I kidnapped you and your loved ones from your home, took everything you had and started commuting horrible acts of brutality against you all.

In the midst of this, I then say to you
“Take this pill and your suffering will end”
instead of taking the pill you beg me to just stop doing these horrible things.

In response I start doing terrible things to your children: Flaying them, boiling them, raping them, mutilating them.

Again I say “take the pill, it’s your salvation, it’ll end the suffering”

You decide to take the pill. But it makes you feel awful. You forget who you are and where you are. You become confused, weak. You try to stop taking the pill. You try to hide it.

I catch you. You’re strong willed, but I promise I will break you.

This time I go to your neighbors and I tell them “what’s about to happen to you is because your neighbor refused salavation.” They turn on you.

I do this over and over for hundreds of years. To the point where your descendants now believe the pill is their only salvation.

The same pill that made you forget who you were, left you disoriented, feeling strange and disconnected from yourself and your home. The pill that you tried everything in your power not to take.

That poison pill is what all your descendants and your neighbors descendants now believe is their salvation from the constant world of hurt and brutality I perpetually keep them in.

Now they even pay me money for that pill.


What if I told you the name of that pill is Christianity?


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