I've just finished reading several Canadian newspapers' Saturday editions, including the #book pages. These pages have suffered a lot in recent years (staff cutbacks, reduced space, etc.) But that's not a reason for the same two or three books to be reviewed in every paper.
Right now is a terrible time for Canadian #writers, especially those who just had books released. #COVID19 meant that a lot of promotional events and book tours were cancelled. #bookstores closing physical operations didn't help either.
People are staying at home and looking for things to do - like reading. Come on, #cdnmedia, look beyond the major publishers and the big name authors. Review books from smaller presses and newer authors - and let readers know that many independent bookstores..
Like @pfbvan and @MunrosBooks will sell those books *and* ship or deliver them as well. If #cdnmedia are as dedicated to communities and audiences as they claim, being more inclusive and proactive in the books pages would be a great way to show that right now. /fin
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