The Trap

1/ In a recent Q post 3929, #Q gave a warning about trying to get ahead of the curve or predicting the meaning of certain times or assumed dates.

Many truth seekers have become frustrated in recent times when they feel that some Q reference to what @Potus, Durham...
2/ Barr, Huber etc will be doing does not seem to come to pass.

For many people they view #Q as a guiding light; a potential salvation that will lead us from dark to light.

What if we have read it all wrong.
3/ What if #Q’s mission is not to lead us to the promised land of the removal of darkness, evil and corruption.

What if Q’s task is simply to show us the trap that humanity Is in.
4/ What if #Q clearly sees that humanity cannot enter the #GreatAwakening until humanity clearly sees the trap it is in.

Many people talk to me about #transcendence #thegreatawakening and the next step for humanity, and yet don't fully grasp the trap that they are awakening from
5/ It's like calling out for where we want to go without fully knowing where we are coming from.

There is wisdom in this slow rolling. The delay in arrests, prosecutions, letting bad actors carry on with their business; it is all designed to awaken more & more people to the trap
6/ For me the mission of Q was never going to lead us to the #greatawakening, but shine a torch to show us the trap we are in. End

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