It's #Archangel #Cassiel's day!

Cassiel is also known as Casiel, Casziel of Kafziel. And he is mostly known as The Angel Of Solitude and as The Angel Of Tears. A source describes him as the angel which “shews forth the unity of the eternal kingdom”.

Out of the darkness came light, from that light were born the #archangels, those who would lead the orders of #God’s angels; those who would perform the most important tasks in God’s plan for his greatest creation, mankind.

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#Archangel #Cassiel is one of the three rulers of the planet Saturn. And the rulers of Saturday. As described in The Magus. He is the chief angel of Saturday. The other angels ruling over this day of the week being Archangel Uriel and Machatan.
#Archangel #Cassiel is a member of the order of archangels, and is, in this capacity, the ruling prince of the Seventh Heaven. The Seventh Heaven is considered to be the holiest of all the holies, & is where #God sits on his throne.

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Black is the color of #Archangel #Cassiel, the angel of perfect harmony whose mission is to balance the extremes: light and shadow, happiness and sadness.

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#Archangel #Cassiel is the patron angel of all manner of overlooked people, or those in weakened states. These include orphan #children and the #enslaved, the poor and downtrodden, those who are oppressed by others, the oppressed, and those who have been unjustly persecuted.
#Archangel #Cassiel appears as a bearded man, wearing a crown to represent that he is a prince of Heaven. He is often shown riding a #dragon, and carrying the spear with which he is associated.
Learn the divine meanings behind the #numbers and you will be able to communicate with your #angels! <3


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