From the perspective the people whose already-perilous lives were fvcked in 2008

Here’s where we're coming from when you threaten us with 'you'll die' or 'four more years of Trump🧵1/
Living as a poor uninsured disabled worker, we do not have the luxury of dipping into politics just in the lead up to an election

Our access to housing, education & health care is almost wholly dependent on social policy 2/a
For those under 40 (I'm 35) we cannot remember a time when either Republicans or Democrats demonstrated that they want what's best for us

We understand that may be different for those who came of age BTW the 1950s-1970s, because post-New Deal social policies were more progressive than anything we've ever known

We survived the Great Recession & for many of us, it never ended

When the economy improved, jobs didn't come back in enough numbers so that we could get our lives on track

In 2016, we thought our friends would support us in rejecting the system that brought us the recession

Since 2000, we've been through:

👉🏼Dotcom recession
👉🏼9/11 and the subsequent wars
👉🏼The Great Recession
👉🏼This new recession

Without memories of that golden mid-century shining moment, THIS is the legacy of the two party system in America

I can't speak for others on this but here's what this has taught me:

👉🏼Both parties are agents/products of white supremacist capitalist oligarchy
👉🏼Neither party gives a shit about the working poor/disabled - we're on the 'liabilities' side of the social policy agenda

👉🏼Repubs/MAGA are openly racist/ableist
👉🏼DNC/Blue MAGA are secretly racist/ableist

The reason the blue wave is losing its shit is they see #NotMeUs denying them their 'decency' cover in the WH

Long before #COVID19

👉🏼We were dying
👉🏼We had no hope
👉🏼We had no future
👉🏼We knew hollow calls for 'unity' were just that - hollow

The pandemic has laid bare just how pointless the DNC is

And yet, they torpedoed #NotMeUs and installed a neoliberal puppet

Before #COVID threw a wrench in their plans they expected us to vote blue like good little sheep

Dems advocating #M4A for COVID only... HUGE, Trumpian mistake

It showed us your true colors - Whoops!

That's why threats of death and Trump don't scare us

It's what we said in 2016 and you didn't care then

This is also why accusing us of being selfish will not work either

And it's why we are sticking to our convictions this time

We've long been resigned to an early, unjust death

This is what it comes down to:

We are dying with our principles intact rather than for sale

You fvcked around, now you're gonna find out 🦺 #NotMeUs

To my comrades: The fear shows how much power we have right now

Let's use it🔥

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