Background: U.S. faces projected shortage of 122,000 doctors by 2032

Yet, Trump wants to make it harder for immigrants to come to U.S. That's a big problem because immigrants comprise 28% of doctors, 24% of nurses/aides, 50% of geriatric specialists. 2/7
Trump's 2017 Muslim ban covered Syria and Iran, which are two of top 10 countries that supply doctors to U.S.

There are 7,000 doctors from countries covered by Trump's 2017 ban. These doctors provide a combined 14 million patient visits each year. 3/7
With Trump in office, fewer foreign medical grads are pursuing U.S. residency programs. Those that come here face visa rejections/delays that threaten their training

FYI: foreign medical grads are more likely to work in inner cities and rural areas. 4/7
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