There was a tweet earlier that talked about how smoke produced from fires in Central America may create a stronger CAP. I don't know whether the CAP will be stronger due to it, but I do know that the aerosols can create a more favourable environment for tornadoes 1/
Studies put out in 2007 and 2015 tested whether or not aerosols can create more environments more favourable to tornadogenesis. One study found that aerosols from fires in Central America tend to allow for longer supercells due to a weaker FFD and a stronger RFD. 2/
The other study found that the aerosols result in lower cloud bases as well as stronger shear in the warm sector of the ET cyclone. They found that this was partly why the outbreak on April 27, 2011, had so many tornadoes, in addition, all the insane conditions that day. 3/
It remains to see how much of the aerosols get mixed out in the initial prefrontal convection line since the dryline is still behind that initial convection.

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