if every eurovision 2020 song
was in the countries official
language(s): a thread
so how this works is I have separated the songs into two categories: in their native or official language(s) and not
then the ones that are not I have done one of three things: if it was selected from a nf then I select the highest placing official language song if it was an internal selection I see if that artist has songs in their native language if they do I have selected one
if they don't I have chosen another artist but I have chosen one that I think is popular or one I think would do well at eurovision I have put a lot of work into this thread so please enjoy !
🇪🇸 Blas Cantó - Universo 🇪🇸

Well you guessed it obviously this one is staying because Spain often send songs in Spanish and I LOVE them for it !
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