@qjeneice is a disinfo agent one of many here to lead you astray. #Qpharisees & this is how the operate. Evil is not that hard to spot once you know it is there it comes into clear view. They start out very nice, being overly friendly, even posting truths to gain your trust so
they be friend your friends they plant subtle seeds that won't mean nothing when you hear them but those will grow in the mind in which they were planted to be used by the groomer at a later date. This is called gaslighting someone. Example: Pretend to be a friend RT them
This was literally hours before she attacked me. Next act like you know the person. Why It is a seed for the sheep. So she can use it later but she is stupid & did not wait long look how quickly she trşed to use it it is literally he next tweet
Remember all the retweets she did of me? here she is defending her
I don't know this person as you see here I actually first thought it was a guy.
Nothing more lame then liking your own tweets. Or Retweeting Tweets you literally just made they do it so others will think other people agree with her.
Vicious attack for someone you are not 100% Sure of. I only forgive those who unknowingly do wrong. Sorry is no get out of free card. She lied & said I changed her tweet. Then deleted it.
Then she starts posting bible verses to distract people into thinking she is a good person.
But then calls me satan either that of her demon decided to speak the truth about her. Because it does not seem to be directed & me but we are the only 2 people in the conversation.
and more from her Demon is her retweeting my post proving she is a liar & a Pharisees with a Bible verse attached
followed by a bunch more look at me I am good look how I quote the bible
some slight back pedaling
She did not just post it once ether & as you can see here the following messages are different & she deleted a lot of what she said Like when she lied & said I changed her tweet here is proof I didn't
Then not only does she lie & say I have muted her. She claims muting her is the same as Muting God & in here message attacking me she says she does not attack people. LMAO I will be blocking her once I am done with this thread though.
#Qarmy #MAGA2020 #KAG #Qanons #Patriots Fight More sheep feed to say look how good I am:
Another #Qpharisees minion if the username was not enough of a clue.
@realDonaldTrump #Thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA
Teaching False doctrine while claiming to be a Christian. This stuff she speaks of come right out of the satanic religion & is not mentioned in the Bible but her posts see to make her out as an expert in it. Yeah as I said Possessed She speaks of it as a good thing. #Qanon #MAGA
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