Theobrogians be out here wanting to debate scripture and doctrine with me and they don’t even recognize that Idgaf about either. They are only as true as they are helpful, and frankly, most of it isn’t.

Tell me how debating the afterlife helps me find housing or a job?
Tell me how the notion of us all being as horrible and depraved as you are helps us be better and love ourselves more?

Tell me how “right” you are and how you being “right” will stop black bodies from being left in the streets after cops shoot them.
Tell me about the hell your god will send me to and then ask him if he’d help get my grandfather the healthcare he needs when he catches covid.

Tell me about your heaven and how far it is to get there.

And then I will tell you about breathing, weeping, and waiting for God.
I will tell you how I believed everything you did and it still didn’t help me feel closer to this supposedly loving god who also thought I was gross until he killed his son, which tell me again how the fuck that works...
I will tell you how I’m not afraid to be wrong anymore, but you seek to be terrified of your angry god.

Mine is not angry. Mine is Love. Patient and kind. Not boasting or rude or proud, keeping no record of wrongs. Not giving glory to the deceitful but leading us into all truth.
I will tell you that I think it’s a lot more simple than you’re making it out to be.
Also stop saying “right” theology like you ain’t meaning white theology.
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