1) This talk of the Democratic Party pushing the idea of mail-in ballots in the coming 2020 US election due to the Covid-19 pandemic is fairly concerning.
2) But wait, we have mail-in ballots in our Federal general elections in Canada.
3) According to Elections Canada, Canadians can vote via mail by using what's called a Special Ballot.
4) According to Elections Canada's raw data tables, a total of 643,462 Canadians voted using special voting rules in the Federal general election in 2019. Their numbers are broken down by Province, but not by party.
5) I wanted to "Learn more about voting by special ballot" as indicated on the information page above, but I found that their website is currently revising the document(s). I found a similar error page when following a link to EC's 'special ballots info' on a different website.
6) I really would like to know how many votes each party received that were mailed in or otherwise not cast in person. I called their 1-800 number, but got an answering machine. I left a message and hopefully someone will get back to me with that.
7) There does seem to exist a certain potential for fraud when it comes to mail in ballots, and I think that we need to have more clarity and transparency in our system. I think we should be concerned about this and find ways to eliminate any opportunity for potential fraud.
8) More concern grew as Justin Trudeau's Liberal government made changes to our electoral process by passing a bill which made it so that a voter registration card was considered sufficient ID in order to vote. The law was passed before the 2019 election.
9) There was surprisingly little opposition voiced by the Conservatives considering the fact that Bill C-76 essentially undid much of the reforming that Harper's government brought in not long before. Their act required stricter measures surrounding acceptable ID when voting.
10) Canadians should be very concerned about this. While many of us have well deserved skepticism and mistrust in our political system, not enough attention is given to the massive potential for fraud. We know these parties are corrupt and controlled from the top down.
11) Canada's so-called "democracy" is an absolute joke that all Canadians should be ashamed of. We allow corrupt elites and ologarchs to lie and cheat their way to the top without consequence, even when they're caught.
12) There is 0 transparency or accountability and there is rampant corruption in full public view, yet no one is ever held legally responsible, despite Trudeau's campaign promises. The so-called justice and law enforcement bodies and organizations are every bit as corrupt.
13) Canada's political, economic, financial and media organizations are all controlled by wealthy and powerful individuals within the corporate and NGO worlds, and NOT voters or MP's. This will continue until the moment Canadians decide we've been abused long enough.
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