Typically- when we - as Americans - are up against a big problem - the “brave” action is to power right through it and not let the problem whip our butt. The immediate impulse is to say “I’m not afraid of a virus”. /1
But in this one case - if you don’t change your daily habits - it’s not so much “being brave” as it is being careless and reckless. /2
Let’s say you are powering through“not changing a damn thing because you don’t want to let a virus “beat” you & you go to friend’s house and catch this thing from someone who doesn’t look sick in the least - it’s likely going to make you sick too - but not immediately. /3
You may have 5 days before you show the first sign. In that 5 days everything you touch in public could be contaminated and every person you meet - friends and family - could catch the virus from you - while you still feel perfectly healthy. /4
You - at that point - are a potential deadly weapon to certain people that cross your path. The virus is actually using your bravery and fearlessness to spread. /5
So the brave thing and the right thing - in this case - is to make some changes & hunker down for a while - so that you don’t take a chance of catching this mess & giving it to friend or a family member or even a complete stranger who would have a hard time fighting it off. /6
Ted Cruz isn’t going to tell you this because he’s a spineless dipshit that bends to chattering Internet Trumpists in a way that’s not duplicated when it comes to bending to defend his wife. But it’s no less true - even if Ted wants you to be brave by being stupid. (End)
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