200 followers giveaway!!!
Follow me, @SouthieFromStw, retweet and like this tweet and you will participate at this giveaway:
winner will get 110 bruhightcore and 50 130 all godrolls gas traps and if pwl 122+ the winner will get an help to unlock the msk+unrealeased creative items
(all the unreleased creative items will be given thanks to @SouthieFromStw and they will be transferred to the winner's creative island)
2nd place will get 10 gas traps and 44 brightcore
3rd winner will get a weapon of choice from my inventory (they will be listed to him)
All of the partecipants will get a follow back ;)
To partecipate the giveaway u need to retweet and like only the first tweet of this thread but u can like also these other tweets ;)
You can follow @SmasherFromSTW.
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