Game Theory: What is it?
Why is it important? And how do WE play into it?

Buckle up, some difficult truths coming.
Since the beginning of this dissemination operation that we know as 'Q', we have been told that disinfo is necessary, future proves past, and that this plan is following Game Theory.
Game Theory is widely used within military operations, and 'The Storm' that we are witnessing, is the most strategic military operation in modern history.
Game Theory is defined as:
When utilizing Game Theory, there are numerous applications involved to consider:
Extreme mathematics strategizing the precise probability factor of a specific outcome is used, and applied to each possible outcome, and strategies are adjusted over time.
In Game Theory, a "game" is defined as:

Any interaction between multiple people, in which each person's payoff, is affected by the decisions made by the others.
When we look at this operation on a larger scale, we can see the many variables at play here.

The 'Emergence over Scale' of Complex Systems entails numerous theories, strategies and mathematical equations that all intertwine together, and each variable affects another.
Within Game Theory, there are also two components that vastly change the optics and potential outcomes of an operation, utilizing a "repeating" game theory.
These outcomes are defined by whether each player is playing on an Infinite or Finite scale.

Many times, players will be utilizing different strategies, where one is playing an 'infinite game', while the other a 'finite game'.
There is an exponential difference between these strategies.

Finite game: known players, fixed rules, finite objective (to win). Example: a football game.

Infinite game: known and unknown players, the rules are changeable, and the only objective is to perpetuate the game.
When you put a finite vs. finite player, the system is stable.

Football is stable, and so is conventional war.
When you have an Infinite vs. Infinite player, the system is also stable.

In an Infinite game, there are no winners or losers, and you cannot lose the game; so you work to keep the game going.
In an Infinite game, because there are no winners or losers, the only thing a player can do is drop out of the game, once they have run out of resources, or the will to continue playing.
Problems arise though, when you put a finite player vs. infinite player.

The finite player gets caught in a predicament. The finite player wants only to win, while the infinite player knows winning is done in the long term vision, the Infinite game.
This frustrates finite players, causing them to expend resources or lose the will to continue, thus solidifying the win to the Infinite player regardless.
This is what happened to the US in Vietnam. The US was fighting to win: a finite game.

Vietnam was fighting for their lives! They were fighting to survive: the Infinite game.
Infinite games require devising tactical strategies that are flexible, can be changed at any time, all while maintaining a socially optimal equilibrium.
During the Cold War, the US made arguably one of the biggest strategical errors in Game Theory, when they announced they had won.

They believed they had 'won the Cold War'. But they hadn't. The other player dropped out, because they had run out of will or the resources to play.
The problem was, because the US thought they had won the war, they started acting like victors!

And so, as what will happen within all infinite games, new players began to emerge.
We've seen this currently as well. We've heard President Trump say numerous times, he "didn't realize the swamp was this deep!"

New players emerged, as others ran out of resources or the will to keep playing.
The easiest way to understand the game you're in, is when you have an opposing force; where you can easily see whether you're playing by the same set of rules or not.
For example, we can easily look to the tactics of the DS and mainstream media and clearly see, that they are playing by a different set of rules than we are. We are 'not them', and they 'are not us'.
It comes down to: how do we make decisions, and what actions will we take from those decisions.

"For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction."
When we make decisions based on our values: freedom, life, liberty, justice; we are using an Infinite mindset and strategy.

But on the flip side, when we make decisions based solely on our interests: wanting to win or be 'right'; we are using a finite mindset and strategy.
For example: Think about all the decisions you make in your daily life, that don't necessarily serve your 'interests' at the moment, but is based on the VALUES, and ethics you hold.

We use Game Theory everywhere, in all of our decision making.
Problems that arise within Game Theory become especially meaningful when people utilize finite strategies, not realizing they're playing an Infinite game.
When this happens, not only does it confuse our allies because they don't have any idea of what we stand for anymore, but it also comes across as 'unpredictable', making our allies trust us less. It also allows the enemy to exploit our strategy.
Ideally, we want to run all of our decisions through our value system first. While it may not always go our way, and it may not always be in our immediate interests, it makes us predictable.
It makes our allies trust us, where they will either stand with us or against us, and together we will go through the Infinite game, for as long as it takes.
We cannot help to contribute to stabilize this until we begin to play the game we're actually in, rather than utilizing strategies of a game we're not in.

We must realize, we are in an Infinite game!
What we have witnessed play out, are players within Game Theory utilizing differing strategies.

The Deep State is playing a finite game, where there is an END. They want to win, regardless of the cost or lives lost, and they are making decisions based on their interests only.
President Trump and the Patriots are playing an Infinite game.

One in which, the game (world) keeps going! One where justice can be served, while saving the most lives possible, and maintaining social equilibrium.
Patriots are executing an Infinite strategy, where we gain allies and build trust, through predictable value systems. An Infinite game of mass future proportions and possibilities.

So why is disinfo necessary?
Could there be a deeper meaning to 4.10.20?
For the past few weeks, we've all been stir crazy as we've been quarantined in our homes, while watching all of the military happenings taking place. We've had nothing to do, but observe and analyze!
Part of the plan? Well yes, of course it was. That's what we Anons do best! We analyze, process, see patterns where others don't, research what the 'reporters' won't, and decipher meanings from events others don't even notice.
As the weeks have passed, we have had numerous validations that the Storm has arrived. We've been on the edge of our seats, awaiting the day the public finally becomes aware. Many of us, analyzed and re-read hundreds of past drops looking for the 'one thing we may have missed'.
4.10.20 - We've speculated on its larger meaning for years. Q has posted it numerous times.

'DJT': it HAD to be meaningful!
What solidified this even more for us, was when on March 24th, Trump stated he wanted everyone "packed into Churches on Easter" and that "Easter was a very special day for him".
From that point on, Anons ran wild, speculating that 4.10.20 was THE day something BIG would break.

But shortly before Trumps daily briefing yesterday, Q took to the boards to issue a warning to us:
This one drop seemingly took the air out of many Anons. What followed was HOURS of confusion, cognitive dissonance and frustration from many who took to Twitter and the boards to voice their frustrations.
But this only intensified the negative 'group think', and has now left many feeling disappointed and confused.

So what happened? GAME THEORY happened.
Q sees all. There is no doubt that Q knew Anons believed 4.10.20 was a big day. But we have to remember, WE are not the only ones who meticulously analyze Q's drops. THEY do too!

So while we believed 4.10.20 was meaningful - SO DID THEY!
If at anytime, Anons pushing 4.10.20 would have 'hurt' the movement, Q would have squashed it weeks ago. The drop we got yesterday ON 4.10.20, would've been dropped days or weeks ago. So why wasn't it? Because Anons pushing 4.10.20 was useful for the plan!
We are only seeing a small percentage of the events that are actually occurring. We don't yet know what has happened over the past few weeks. "Silent war"

Did THEY expend more resources this week? Were comms sent out thinking 4.10.20 was IT? We don't know the details fully yet.
On April 9th, with only 0.75 second delta after Q posted, even Hillary made a post telling people "you have one day left". Numerous others have sent out sketchy comms this week as well.
It's safe to assume, that 4.10.20 was a very meaningful day, just not in the way we thought it would be. "Future proves past, the news will unlock".

Will we soon find out news that happened on 4.10.20?
We've seen this in the past, when on 11/11/18, Q told us "the world would be unified again".

Anons also believed this to be "the day" the public would know. But, when that day came and the public drop didn't happen, Anons were furious!
We later found out, 11/11/18 was in fact a very meaningful day, as a 17 second repeating seismic shockwave was sent worldwide, taking out their comms/satellites (incl. FVEY) and CERN technology that had been 'controlling' the world.
What's interesting about this, is that following 11/11/18 Q set 'placeholders' for the first time. Yesterday, 4.10.20 brought frustration to Anons again, and Placeholders returned! Q doesn't drop things for no reason. Everything has meaning, including 4.10.20. Placeholders ready?
When Q issued a warning yesterday, we were being merely being reminded that we are in game theory, and setting specific dates/outcomes in stone is not useful to our strategy.

Infinite games are flexible. Everything has meaning and can be utilized for differing outcomes.
We were thinking in terms of finite, while we're playing an infinite game. Our goal is to SURVIVE, to THRIVE, and seek JUSTICE with the least loss of innocent lives possible. We must remain flexible, and understand that in an Infinite game there's no rules, set dates or outcomes!
Also, while we got carried away in our excitement and impatience for justice, we seemingly denounced something quite important.

We all had our eyes on DJT day, believing Trump would utilize 'his' day for justice. But is that BIBLICAL!? Not really.
Q has told us time and time again, this is not about ONE PERSON. So why did we believe this would be about Trump? We got ahead of ourselves for a moment. We're human, it happens.
I have no doubts that we will soon find out that massive events took place yesterday. Everything has meaning, even if it's only to throw THEM off! Disinfo is necessary.
Late last night, @Scavino45 posted a video of birds chirping, with clear skies. When do birds sing? After a storm!
The caliber of the strategies that we are witnessing, is unlike anything we've ever endured in our lifetimes. Every tactical application of psychological warfare is occurring before our very eyes against them.

We may be confused, but SO ARE THEY!
Right now, we must stay strong. We need to focus and stay patient. We need to remember why we're all here, and what our purpose is in this.
I don't believe we were 'wrong' about 4.10.20, I believe we were WAY OVER THE TARGET!

But let's take this as a reminder that Q's drops are not meant to be predictions of specifics, but rather to look back on as proof after the fact. The news will unlock. Future will prove past.
So while we don't yet know exactly when this will break, we have to remain steadfast in knowing what we do know.

Events are happening around us at rapid speed, the Military is active worldwide right now, and DS and the media are panicking!
It's coming. There is no better time than now. But let's take Q's reminder to heart: we are in an Infinite game here! Keep your mind on Infinite strategies! This isn't about "winning", this is about our LIVES going forward! We will continue to fight.. UNTIL!
When Trump ended his briefing yesterday, he said "I have a big decision, and I pray to God it's the right decision". Did you notice the weight on him as he said that? We can only imagine the decisions that are weighing on him and the QTeam at the moment.
So while we may be frustrated, feeling like we aren't seeing "justice" yet, let's keep in mind what our Patriots are dealing with everyday.

Imagine the frustration they feel! Imagine how badly they want justice! We only know a snippet of what they know.
If our Patriots can remain strong and continue to fight for us, then I believe we can find it within ourselves to have solace in knowing that what is being asked of us right now, is merely to hold the line!
Imagine how frustrating it is for our Patriots to have their lives on the line for us, and then see us complain that 'it's not going fast enough'.

For the first time, we witnessed this frustration expressed from Q: Patriots stand at the ready! "shills whine"
The evil we are fighting has taken centuries to form, and the QTeam has taken them out at RAPID speed! A few years to execute this operation is not that long, considering the magnitude of this.
So take a moment and imagine being the Patriots on the front lines of this, seeing those that are supposed to be your allies (Anons), complaining that you're not going fast enough, and threatening to give up on the Plan that essentially saves humanity as a whole from suffering.
We all want justice. We all want the truth out there in the public eye. But this must be done RIGHT. We only have one shot at this!

We will win, because we won't stop until we do! LONG GAME. Infinite. LIFE wins!
Hold the line, Patriots. We got this!
It's going to be biblical.
But the end won't be for everyone.

"The greatest victory is that which requires no battle" - Sun Tzu
Thank you to President Trump and our Patriots who are fighting for our freedoms daily! 🙏🏻 WWG1WGA!
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