Athread on the #michiganlockdown

Do we as free citizens of the State of #Michigan have the right to decide for ourselves what is 'essential' in our own lives- or was there a(n unconstitutional) law passed that turns our sovereign rights as citizens...

...over to a unitary executive that can take away our First Amendment and other rights with the stroke of a pen?

Who in the #CorruptNews corporate Media- national &local- is willing to stand up to a sweeping & overreaching power-grab by politicians & unelected bureaucrats.

This is based on Academic 'models' which Gov. Whitmer is using that have self-admittedly OVER-estimated the threat to people by up to 50+ times. They are playing upon and using the fears of an ignorant vocal minority, amplified by a pliant MSM in order to slur and silence...

...ANY questioning of their draconian and often illogical Police-State unilateral edicts. Of course people are dying- they do in EVERY epidemic, but actually in far fewer numbers than in this current SARS-COVID2 pandemic.

This strain is more highly transmissible, but as more testing is done, we are finding the morbidity rate to be smaller and smaller, inching towards <1% (compared to 1-2% for SARS, MERS and the H1N1 'Swine' flu) as more infected people are found to have mild or no symptoms.

Furthermore, the vast majority of deaths are from the elderly, the immunocompromised and those with two or more covalent conditions, as in EVERY viral epidemic, and in comparable or LESSER numbers.

But the Media only tells us about the outliers of the few younger people who contract it- never mentioning covalent conditions. Indeed, there have been several highly-publicized cases of 'COVID-19 Deaths' that turned out to be from other causes.

Like the Chicago infant, who in fact was hospitalized with an severely impacted bowel for four weeks, and died with COVID-19 in her system, but not FROM COVID19. Yet the Media blasted this all over the airwaves as 'a baby dying from coronavirus'.

There were NO retractions once this was found to be erroneous. Doctor Birx said on National TV that they're using coding to show ANYONE dying from other causes will be coded as dying FROM COVID19 if they have the virus in their system- even though it didn't cause their death.

This artificially inflates an already falling morbidity rate, and is being used by politicians and health industry bureaucrats to wring more Federal Aid dollars out of Washington by overstating the threat.

Several Army Corps of Engineers Hospitals in WA & CA are being disassembled, after not seeing ONE COVID-19 patient.

Are people dying? Yes.

Are they overwhelmingly the elderly and those with several covalent conditions? Yes.

Is the government using flawed and wildly inaccurate academic models from biased, Pharmaceutical Company-funded and politicized groups & organizations like the DNC-Allied COVID Act Now to overstate the threat and hype unwarranted fears? Absolutely.

Of course we should take logical steps to protect the most vulnerable among us. But we shouldn't let fear be used by cynical politicians & allied interests to destroy our businesses, livelihoods & everyday lives- or as an excuse to trample our God-given rights & freedoms

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