Because I actually do work in policy & development research, I am somewhat acquainted with Pakistan's (particularly Punjab & Sindh's) welfare infrastructure. Instead of rhetoric what you really need to focus on with these announcements is the detailed policy documentation.
Along with this documentation, also get a look at the existing infrastructure & institutions in place for welfare & social services. Here's one thing that you can keep in mind though: what often comes across as a revolutionary, first-time initiative is actually already present.
I know there are political realities or whatever, but a whole plethora of reforms have already taken place in Pakistan (in documentation at least, if not in implementation). There are protocols already in place spread across successive governments. Radical reforms are rare.
Whenever you hear of any such reform, just ask yourself how exactly does the government intend to a) finance & b) implement that? What mechanisms have they devised? What existing infrastructure are they deploying? Will they create it anew? We need detailed documentation on that.
In short, first of all, you need to get a quick overview of Pakistan's existing welfare system (there are enough studies on that) and then wait for detailed policy documents to come for the Ehsaas program before making any final judgment on it.
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