We are passing on every penny of funding consequentials for business support directly on to Scottish business with a £2.2bn package:
- 100% rates relief for businesses in retail, hospitality, leisure & aviation
- £10k or £25k grant for retail, hospitality & leisure businesses /1
I am acutely aware of the pressures on businesses right now - and, for eligible businesses, the mix of support from Scot Gov & UK Gov through job retention scheme, rates relief and grant funding is a lifeline but does not replace lost income in full. /2
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy-that is why more of them are eligible for a £10k grant in Scotland. We've also been able to help specific sectors. My responsibility is to ensure vital financial support helps as many as possible in these difficult times. /3
I recognise the challenges, so I will continue to listen to businesses & do absolutely everything I can to ensure they receive as much help as possible. We could do a lot more if consequential funding from the UK Gov was based on business need rather than population share. /4
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