SHOCKING VIDEOS: This is how @OfficeofUT is treating Corona Patients in Shatabdi Hospital, Kandivali, Mumbai. Watch all 3 videos & tell me if that Bollywoodiya & @sachin_rt praise is worth. @AUThackeray @priyankac19 will you stop fake PR & accept reality tht u failed. @PMOIndia
Watch how 15 days old and lot many kids are kept in Shatabdi. They are using the same toilets. Filthy condition. @OfficeofUT @mybmc @AUThackeray @priyankac19 stop this drama. @Dev_Fadnavis @narendramodi @PMOIndia @BJP4Maharashtra can you please help? This we are surely doomed.
I have 17 mins long video exposing how badly and inhumanely this whole Pandemic is managed. You will get shocked and scared to see it. Imagine anyone of us suffering through this.. Can we live here? What is that Maza Maharashtra all about @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray ? Shame on you.
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