#Patriots had a video call with Mississippi St. CB Cameron Dantzler. Locked down Ja'marr Chase better than anyone in 2019.

Patient press corner with length, fluid flip & run to stay in phase. WR wants to make CB move. Dantzler stays square through the release to prevent that.
Wonder if Dantzler has been watching Stephon Gilmore tape because he takes the same approach to press man. Chase tries to get him to move outside to come back inside. Dantzler stays square and waits him out. Smothers the route.
Fully able to stay in-phase on vertical routes. Chase tries the foot fire to get him to open early. But Dantzler stays back and square through the release again. Turns and runs with Chase stride for stride down the sideline.
Liked how he played to his safety help on this one. Knows he has post safety help in the middle of the field. Allows inside release, gets hands on Chase to feel out route, maintains leverage through the route to suffocate Chase as he tries to break on the corner route.
Thanks to @BillyM_91 for the Dantzler vs Chase matchup. I know there are some out there that don't love Dantzler's tape. He can get grabby and doesn't always stay glued to the receiver through faster route breaks. But his press-man and mirroring ability is nice. Day two pick.
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