1/n On April 11, around 1:30 am I went down to get some fresh air, I thought I'll be within the radius of a kilometre. I should not have done it amidst the #lockdown but reasoned by thinking to myself that at this time the streets will be deserted, there will no human contact.
2/n At about 900 metres from home I saw at some distance 3 #policemen and one of them did not have a mask on. They noticed me. Realising my stupidity I turned around and started walking back despite them calling me.
3/n 2 of them, the one without the mask and a junior of his, surged at me on their bike with the one at the back violently waving his lathi. I started running back, hid midway to decieve them but they caught me at the entrance of the building I was trying to hide in.
4/n Instead talking they used violence to get me out of the building and pulled me out. I was asked my name, my address but was simultaneously being beaten by the two men. When I turned on the voice recorder and video camera on my phone they stopped beating me and called more
5/n men. Soon there were 8 of them interrogating and hitting me. They called my Dad from my phone and fabricated the entire incident to him, calling me a suspect who was trying to steal at night. Their violence was absolutely unnecessary, I was just walking around.
6/n I told them that I study in Sonepat, Haryana to which the senior amongst them replied "yeh #Mumbai hai, @MumbaiPolice hai, #haryana nahi". Every attempt of mine to reason was responded to with #arrogance. The same senior said "tu mujhe chodna sikhayega?", "corona kaise failta
7/n hai sikhayega" (I arugued with them for not maintaining distance from me and amongst themselves). I was made to do a 100 sit-ups, the recordings were deleted from my phone and was then left. Before being left to go another #Officer said "hum chahe toh tujhe nanga
8/n karke maar sakte hai" and made me repeat that. The whole situation was handled by them unlawfully and they knew they were wrong. They simply deleted all evidences of them using violence and tried to scare and prevent me from reporting what they did. The incident has left
9/n multiple bruises across my body and I was having some difficulties in walking. @OfficeofUT @DGPMaharashtra @MantralayaRoom @CMOMaharashtra is anything being done to keep the #PoliceViolence in check? Especially when it is absolutely unecessary and the police is perpetrating
10/n it by sheer misuse of power? An essential worker was being beaten by the police a few days back near c.p.tank in #girgaon. Individuals that are socially more vulnerable can be easily trashed by the police in such incidents. @thewire_in @ndtv @FreedomofPress
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