It really annoys me when people act as if Meghan is the first royal to come under fire from the media. It happened to every woman who married into the RF, and now people are acting shocked as if this hasn’t been going on for decades? Where have you been?
It comes across as extremely ignorant IMO, that they only care now that it’s happening to Meghan and speak up but don’t protest about how they treated other royals. Meghan isn’t the first and won’t be the last, and that’s the unfortunate reality
Like don’t pretend you didn’t know kate was called ‘waity katie’ for years and wasn’t literally stalked and harassed by press, Camilla was portrayed as a b*tch and called names, and the press trashed Fergie. But NOW people are shocked??
Like I would totally understand if people were catching on now and protested the way they treated all royal wives, but they only protest how they treat Meghan. Picking and choosing and it’s f*cked up
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