So let me tell y'all those who are saying that #SidNaaz is Sana's PR activity.

First of all,All big handlers of #SidNaaz are Sidhearts.(No offense just stating the facts) then they became SidNaazians

Secondly, Sana had no PR till BB, This hashtag was made by pure fans !
2.) Inside when Sid & Sana started sharing good bond,then this hashtag came into existence.
That too made by pure fan base.

3.) Everytime #SidNaazians dont get credit,be it from @sidharth_shukla's side or @ishehnaaz_gill 's side.They equally supported both of them inside BB.
4.)Now lets come to their 1st project together post BB, #SidNaazians made every possible effort for the success of this song.They do support them a lot,but what are they getting in return ?
Abuses? For what ? Just for loving them unconditionally?

This is not done
5.) #SidNaaz Fandom is the most positive fandom.I can assure you that,they love them unconditionally.They have all the rights to express their love.
Stop interfering in their each and every thing.Let them Live !

They also deserve everything !

Guys dont get disheartened..❤
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