We must grant it to how quickly the left-liberals calibrate and re-calibrate. The moment news of #TablighiJamaat impacting one third of total #Covid19India cases, an association is quickly cobbled, (starting 21st March). They aren't medical practitioners. But they gave cleanchit.
While it is called ISRC (Indian Scientist's response to COVID) making it sound like a panel of experts on COVID, it has non-biology, medical background scientists, journalists, "Social Scientists. The halo of "Scientists" is retained to maintain political relevance
Truth and appropriateness are at such loggerheads these days that Minority commission immediately sprung into action and now those #Corona impacted linked to #TablighiJamaat are now termed as Single Source or Special Ops Corona patients.
Top google searches on #TablighiJamaat impact on #coronavirusinindia lead not to the numbers, facts or data on those impacted, rather most lead to the links talking about Islamophobia (although right term since the fear this event has created in non-muslims).
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