More on Ghislaine's brother, Kevin Maxwell:

Kevin Maxwell was at one time represented by lawyer Leah Saffian, an extremely close friend of his (Kevin's) sister, Ghislaine

Indeed, Leah Saffian, apparently on Ghislaine's behalf, reportedly distributed faked photos of Ghislaine
Kevin previously owned Telemonde, serving as its chairman & director in New York

Telemonde's vice-pres. & secretary was Gottfried von Bismarck, associated with the Bullingdon Club & Piers Gaveston Society; another of its directors was NYC doctor & sex predator, Miguel Tirado
Telemonde was based at 230 Park Avenue

Jeffrey Epstein's Co-investor Andrew Farkas formed a partnership with the investment fund of the Dubai Royal Family to buy this very property

DUBAI IS STRONGLY LINKED TO 9/11: Over half the hijackers flew directly from Dubai Int'l Airport

Prince Andrew's new extradition lawyer, Clare Montgomery, is a longtime confidante of the Maxwell family AND the State of Israel - she's on speed dial to the former Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, who was often seen at Jeffrey Epstein's home!
Was Clare Montgomery QC recommended to Prince Andrew by Ghislaine herself or someone connected to the Maxwells?

Or did the referral come from the Israeli Establishment: from those wanting Prince Andrew represented by an ally of former Israeli PM (& friend of Epstein) Ehud Barak?
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