How should we consider #COVID19?

This is primarily a vitally induced thrombotic disease spread by droplets
Post-mortems tell us the virus causes endothelial damage and overt blood clots in both small and large vessels #COVID19
The clinical features fit with this as the primary pathology

Pulmonary arterial thrombosis causes breathlessness and high alveolar dead space #COVID19
I am going to postulate that pulmonary venous thrombosis causes the airway swelling that has been reported #COVID19
The lungs are worst involved mainly because they get 100% of our blood flow, but kidney, gut and brain involvement are all recognised… #COVID19
#COVID19 is not all about ventilators it’s all about thrombosis…
So what are the treatment implications?

I would love to know if other doctors have seen patients with severe hypoxia from COVID who are on Clopidogrel? I haven’t…

What about aspirin, rivaroxoban, apixaban, warfarin, etc?

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