Imagine being BTS and being ignored for like half your career so far by your own country’s industry and then when they realize you are making waves overseas, the industry not only wants to ride your coattail to success but also spy on you to find out your “secret”
And then you have all these others who you once respected treat you like trash, and later express that they should have treated you better, if only they knew you would be the biggest group in the world.

Also imagine being BTS in the western music industry where they want to put
you in a box and treat you like a novelty that’s here one minute and gone the next but turns out you not only keep coming back you keep being more successful and now people are scrambling to find any excuse not to give you the fair treatment you deserve.
Imagine how tired we are.
BTS won’t play and has never played by the industry’s games no matter where they are and that’s why the industry doesn’t want to play nice with them but they’ll ofc take credit or try to ride their success once BTS overcomes despite the industry’s pushback. It’s a pattern.
That’s why we say that BTS only have ARMY, because it’s only by organic fan growth due to their amazing music and message they have been able to be successful. So yeah, no one gets to share in their success. The industry hasn’t done sht for them, never ever forget that.
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