Everyone is playing victim here on Twitter....why you need appreciation ,if anyone is supporting them and want appreciation than it’s better you leave, and listen if you support sidharth and shehnaz both than you are both sidheart and shehnazian..
And by this you get thanks from both sidharth and shehnaz...you don’t need extra tweet or post or tag to get appreciated and why do you need anyone’s acceptance to be in any fandom...no ones own sidharth and shehnaz to give you certificates
What do you mean by not getting sidnaaz content ??! Are you here to get content of their personal lives for your satisfaction??? And if talking about their professional lives we are getting only sidnaz content and projects
Virushka and deepveer kabhi ye tags use nhi krte and unke bond ka koi alag fandom nhi hai... unke fans hi us bond ko adore krte hain ..ya to wah 1 ke fan hote hain ya Dono ke fans
Some of you wants explanation from them ki if they are together or not....they don’t owe you any explanation #BhulaDunga50M #SidNaaz
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