And if you can't just appreciate us then you don't even have the right to command or say mean things to #SidNaaz ians. We never crib about getting absolutely no content yet we try to be happy & keep the hype.
It's bcoz we love & respect them.
Should i say you get special mentioning & appreciation for the trends you do and still crib but did we ever?
#SidNaaz ians always try to take part in your solo trends too as much they can.
Did we ever asked them to give us content bcz we do this & that for you?
Oh and don't forget about Getting blamed and questioned for anything & everything constantly even if we were not behind it, yet never ever any #SidNaaz ian backed out from them. Yes some do go overboard and its wrong but YOU CAN'T blame every single fan for it.
So let me tell you one thing YOU ARE NO ONE literally NO ONE to tell a #SidNaaz ian what they should do or not. You know everything & many thing? GREAT. Good for u.Keep knowing it. You say u don't show off sorry to burst ur bubble but by saying this u are showing it off only.
And to fellow #SidNaaz ian you love them i get it. Me too. But do the leg-pulling in limit and don't go overboard. I hope you all can do this much for the fandom & for the one you love & here for? No?
Just keep loving them
Keep the hype. Be positive like ALWAYS
Bcz We are known for being the most positive fandom right?
Let them blame. Let them say things what they want. But what we all need to do it to keep it within the limits & try not to embarrass them okay?
#SidNaaz do love us. We know it. What others think or say doesn't matter.(6)
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