Chris Evans’ beautiful tiddies. The best thread anyone could ask for.
Gotta love that he wears a lot of tight shirts.
A classic. We all know how much Chris loves this one
Honestly like, what the fuck.
I know his waist is photoshopped here to be smaller but his tiddies weren’t touched so 😌
Quite honestly, I gasped when I first saw this photo. A valid reaction if you ask me.
Here we have a cameo of the infamous red belt that we all love and admire.
Let’s get some steamy tits in here
This shirt did wonders for our boy
How is he real honestly?
They’re just out there being beautiful
Love this one :)
Those buttons are struggling for their life
Steve Rogers’ wardrobe gave us so much content
They started at a young age
Cannot make a thread without this iconic shot
Some tiddies porn again. (If you haven’t seen Puncture yet, please do! It’s Chris’ best acting role)
We’re almost done but just admire this man.
And last but not least. We got tiddies and ass. Thank you for listening.
If you made it all the way down here, please look out for #DefendingJacob coming out on AppleTV on April 24th. Here’s the trailer
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