Last week, @NARAL hosted a great webinar about combating health disinformation. The focus was on #abortion disinformation, but it applies to other areas.

Know This

1) #Disinformation is INTENTIONALLY false and meant to mislead.
2) Identifying disinformation explicitly is vital.
3) Spend time inoculating your network against disinformation. Like a vaccine for the immune system, if people are exposed to common themes in disinformation, they are less likely to let it infect them and their beliefs.
4) It's a numbers game, and disinformation is winning.
Speak, post, and promote the #truth often. Don't let disinformation drown out the truth.
5) Disinformation is repetitive and repurposed to stay relevant.
6) Know your sources to avoid disinformation.
7) Try to correct disinformation. OP may be unreachable, but others may not be.
Right now, #health is at the forefront of every person's mind. In DC, they tell us for public safety, "If you see something, say something."

Be it #COVID19, #abortion, or other disinformation, we can't #StopTheSpread of disinformation if we don't identify it.
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