Thread on why the @Alberta_UCP actively want to break public healthcare, education, and other services. It's not just about privatization (that's part), it's about them being fundamentally undemocractic. They want an aristocracy, lead by business elites.
2/ The #UCPcorruption are market fundamentalists... it really is a religious cult for them; no amount of evidence will convince them they are wrong, despite the massive failures & inequities of privatized health & education in the US.
4/ Whether or not they have the actual prosperity gospel angle or not (Kenney & many in the #UCPcorruption death cult do tho), they believe in an extreme form of social Darwinism - if you’re $ucce$$ful, you’re de facto worthy. If not, you’re not
3/ They view high cost & inequality as features, not bugs. In their fundamentalist view, people who can’t afford expensive, privatized health & education aren’t worthy, aren’t blessed by God. Markets & $$$ are the means by which God shows his chosen few. Everyone else can suck it
5/Ultimately, they don’t care if you or I or millions of other Albertans have ANY access to quality healthcare or edu. They assume they & their rich friends will (likely correct), & that’s all that matters. It will separate the wheat (the rich/God's chosen) from the chaff (us).
6/ Effective, publicly-delivered health and education and other services are anathema to this worldview: they get in the way of sorting the worthy from the unworthy. It interferes in the “natural” order of aristocracy. Inequality & hierarchy show “the best” – the aristokratos.
6/ From the 1920s on, the name that has come to be applied to an aristocracy led by wealthy elites is fascism, a new-old name harking back to symbolism of the Roman empire. But I was avoiding going all Godwin right at the start.
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