I LOVE celebrating Resurrection Sunday with family, friends, and fellow church members. Jesus overcoming sin and death for ALL OF US is definitely worthy of celebration.

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I also LOVE many pastors and preachers who faithfully and selflessly serve their flock daily. I understand their ongoing dilemma regarding holding services during this time.
HOWEVER, at this point, I strongly believe asking folks to gather at church during this pandemic is nothing short of IRRESPONSIBLE.

I can’t help but think about mothers of the church & deacons over the age of 65. I esp think about the many rural Black churches I know and love. I consider the various underlying health disparities in the Black community affecting Black #COVID19 patients disproportionately.
🗣It’s just not worth the risk! There are ways to reach the people to celebrate our Savior’s Resurrection without gathering tomorrow. If live stream isn’t available to your members, get them on the phone. Send some young people to their driveway. Do what you have to do...

but I beg you, please don’t sit them in the pews inches from one another, potentially exposing them to a #COVID19 virus we are still learning about that is killing hundreds of people everyday!

Please read from Raphael Warnock:
My faith has no quarrel w/ science. The church is not the bldg. church is the people. Let every home be a sanctuary. Let every soul be safe. Faith leaders ought to be leading the way. Our spiritual ancestors taught us how to survive a pandemic.
Amen. 🙏🏾

P.S. Please let me know if I can help.

#COVID19 #ResurrectionSunday #Easter


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