The Saturday following Jesus' crucifixion was a very quiet day. It's the Sabbath so most Jews would have been at home. Jesus' disciples were scattered; most deserted Him following His arrest and were likely hiding in fear that they would be targeted, too, as His followers. #QAnon
Imagine the depth of despair they must have felt. Not only was their friend of 3 solid years gone, but He was tortured and murdered and they ran when He needed them most. Peter denied Him. Only John stayed by His side, next to Mary, who witnessed Her son on the cross.
I can't even imagine the despair on this Saturday 2000 years ago.

Who knew what was coming tomorrow though? Jesus explained to His close followers He would rise again, but no one knew what He meant. It was incomprehensible. The scriptures prophesied a coming Messiah...that they
longed for...but to have Him put to a painful, disgraceful death on the cross? It made no sense.

But God had a greater plan. Something inconceivable to man. God would raise His Son from the dead, conquering sin, death, and the devil as He did so.

No one this dreary Saturday...
could even imagine the glory that was to come tomorrow.

The greatest story ever told. The greatest sacrifice ever made. The greatest "plot twist" ever imagined. And we are a part of it. We who believe are saved because of it.

Rejoicing comes soon. Let's get through today.✝️
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