I don't even know which solos are coming on sidnaaz people !
Am sure they are kaledils because no one can love Sid and Naaz individually and together as much these people do !
You may or may not trust me but they way they worked with #BhulaDunga promotions was just applaudable
And yet they didn't even asked for any credit ! And today an activity started by @sanakinanad was just a fun activity there was nothing wrong in that ! What was embarrassing in that it was nothing that whole world has not seen it .
And people blaming @sanakinanad @hrithika_kk @KataiiKaminaDil for not participating in shehnaaz trend I don't understnd is trend everything that proves your love for your idol these people don't participate in any trend but they hype both of them more than us & it's a fact
@milenialparadox @sanakinanad @hrithika_kk @KataiiKaminaDil @shru3291
And whole sidnaaz fam
Am sorry if solos are attacking you you aren't responsible But the truth is that one day Sid and Sana are gonna be #SidNaaz and we solos are gonna cry in corner for hate we spreading now
The hate for sid in some kaledils
And hate for Sana in some kaledils
Is what make you target them ! They are not even real fans they are some whose ego is so important than the idols happiness !
And @Ohudeadppl if you didn't leave yet please read this thread I don't know if my mentions will reach to you or not ! But surely the hate is 10% and love is 90% don't let the hate overcome love
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