On timeline for wage subsidy, Minister Morneau says he said a week ago it would be 3 to 6 weeks for money to go out. Hoping it will be on the shorter end of that range.
Asked about safety of having Parliament sit, Dr. Njoo says physical distancing and disinfecting are important.
Asked about Quebec contemplating a return to school, Rodriguez declines to comment on particular jurisdictions’ choices.
On long-term care facilities, Dr. Njoo is asked if fed gov’t should step in. He says fed gov’t, PHAC is playing a leadership role. There’s an advisory group. Communities use guidelines as they apply to their situations.
Freeland says all temporary foreign workers are subject to quarantine rules. Says police groups will be enforcing Quarantine Act which applies absolutely, she says, to temporary foreign workers.
All incoming people are checked for symptoms, Freeland says. Those with symptoms must quarantine, but everyone who arrives must self-isolate for 14 days.
Temporary foreign workers are important to ensure Canada's food security, Freeland says.
Freeland describes the reports of the state of some long-term care facilities as "horrific". Federal guidelines are coming out (or are already out) that will help, says Dr. Tam. Would include strong screening, limit work to a single facility, where possible.
Dr. Tam says provinces are all very seized with these issues. Need to support people from an employment perspective.
We are asking Canadians to be creative, says Rodriguez, and suggests Parliamentarians do the same "so we can move on together".
Rodriguez says more committees will start to meet (virtually): Industry, HR, gov't operations, PROC.
Can't tell Canadians to stay home and then meet in Parliament every day, says Rodriguez.
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