Reflecting on Orwell's 1984, it is strange most of the focus of it in current contexts is doublespeak and surveillance.

I personally think that misses the ultimate point of the text

The idea doublespeak predicts fake news is a little erroneous as that was a comment on what was already happening, and had already happened, during the time 1984 was written.

Draconian surveillance was also an extrapolation of what was already occurring.

For me, however, the point of 1984 is not that you will be manipulated and surveilled. It's the ending that is much darker.


The climax occurs when Winston faces his worst fear: rats. He betrays Julia, and Julia betrays him.

The argument made is even strong, unconditional love and compassion will never beat fear and self preservation, so all human compassion is contingent.

That, for example, people will horde toilet paper over taking only what they need so others can benefit as well.

Surveillance and mistruth aren't really Orwellian. Fear induced self-preservation is. That humans are greedy and terrible, as also argued in Animal Farm.

I think in its classical understanding, we were already living in "Orwellian" times when the book was published.

However, I believe we are now in a position to prove Orwell wrong. Love and compassion do beat fear and self preservation.

The point of this thread is: prove Orwell wrong. Just stay home.

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