17/ Don’t say, “our courts are so corrupt, it's all over."

Semantics matter.

If you persuade enough people to give up, it WILL be all over.

Remember: the GOP is fighting tooth and nail because they are a shrinking minority with an unpopular agenda. https://twitter.com/Teri_Kanefield/status/1246865888252325888
18/ If you feel discouraged, listen to Taylor Swift👇

She knows the demographics are on our side, and people are angry and eager to vote these democracy-bashers out, so it’s just a matter of time.

Swift knows how to turn outrage to action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=GJU-S1t2r1M&feature=emb_title
19/ This kind of question often comes from unrealistic expectations. Consider, for example, what would have happened if the Democrats had lost the midterms and the GOP held the House.

For one thing, Operation Ukraine Shakedown would have succeeded. . . https://twitter.com/toddcudd/status/1248996831180267520
20/ . . . we would have never learned the truth. Instead, because of the procedures and institutions, the underhanded dealings have been exposed.

Look at all the people who came forward to expose the deception.

The single most important "institution" of Democracy is Truth.
21/ I had that one, but ran out of room. I probably should have kept it and bumped one of the others, because we'll see a lot more of it.

Nobody who watched the Impeachment hearings can say such a thing.

Nobody who cares about the truth can say it.
23/ . . .deny the legitimacy of a democratic process.

It's also naive about what a corrupt election looks like. My husband had to vote for Pinochet or suffer consequences.

"Corrupt" is a dangerous word, and I advise people to be careful with it right now.
Here you go
Things looked pretty bleak during the Great Depression, also. https://twitter.com/mslater1/status/1249067850385502212
There was no minimum wage, no 40 hour workweek, workers who were injured were left to starve. There was no GI bill. Returning injured soldiers were on their own . . .
. . . Jim Crow was the law of the land. The Supreme Court had held that minimum wage violated the Constitution by interfering with the freedom to enter contracts. (If workers were willing to work for spennies per hour, the position of the Court was that was their business). . .
You get the idea.

Someone said to me, "You mean things in the past have been worse than now?"

I don't think that question has ever been asked by a black woman with a sense of her own history.

So yeah, we can do this. https://twitter.com/mslater1/status/1249067850385502212
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