Ndii's Machiavellianism is well-documented. He's made a career of cynicism, and his Luo censure is little more than senile angst. The Luo man is not cheap. He has been treated unfairly. His evolution was compelled with guns & insults. Why must he bleed for you to feel safe?
Why is the Luo man not cheap? Because the ground has never been level. Even in our younger days, it was common knowledge that boys fought after lunch. When the two adversaries are full. Such a war was fair. The Luo man has been fighting, but he's fighting hunger and men...
...political resistance has never been linear for the Luo man. He is fighting for survival, and he is fighting political corruption. Because how do you accuse a man of being slow, after chaining his legs? It's the same principle that was applied by the masters on the slaves.
The Luo man has had to evolve. He has had to refill. To re-energize. If he must win the political war, he will do it on a full stomach, and with fewer funerals; like everybody else. We're simply becoming what the other communities already are, why is that cause for concern?
Now people like Alai will always exist among us. They are the Frankensteins we have to suffer. The market madmen: the gut-eaters: ashamed of their identity. Ndii is buoyed by such derangement but if he was wiser, he'd realize that "Shame is, in fact, a revolutionary sentiment"
I quote Sartre:

"our victims know us by their scars & by their chains, & it is this that makes their evidence irrefutable. It is enough that they show us what we have made of them for us to realize what we have made of ourselves"

Pick from it what your brain allows.
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