1/ Of all the #CoronavirusUSA stories you read today, please read this @desmondbutler investigation of one PA hospital where a pregnant nurse was sent back and forth between the 'covid floor' and the neonatal intensive care unit, part of a larger pattern: https://wapo.st/2UZ8Wta 
'The nurses and representatives of their union said that many of their safety concerns were dismissed as recently as last Friday, April 3.' But after its owner Community Health Systems was contacted by The Post it announced several changes 'to prevent the spread of infection.'
3/ CHS also just filed documents with the SEC to say its chief executive Wayne Smith 'was voluntarily taking a 25 percent cut to his base salary, which was $1.6 million last year, and that other executives were taking a 10 percent cut.'
4/ The company said in a statement that the pay cuts would help pay for a $3 million fund for employees 'suffering hardships.'
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