Very important/ridiculous #QuarantineLife update #thread. Yesterday I saw this post on Facebook from a person who turned a bunch of old troll dolls into succulent planters. What a weird fucking delight.
So of course I share the post with the caption: “I’ve never wanted anything more for quarantine life. Ten million friendship points to the first person to deliver me a succulent troll.” I told one friend how I used to have like, a lot of troll dolls but I think my mom sold them.
My mom, who hardly uses Facebook, but, now sees all because of #QuarantineLife, immediately jumped in to say she thought they might still be around.
Friends, this morning she commented “Here’s what I found on my closet adventure this morning!” with the following photos
Yall. You bet your ass I am about to figure out how to get my childhood troll dolls shipped to me from Kentucky so I can turn them all into weird ass succulent planters for my friends. Pandemic craft time!!!!! #SucculentTrolls #MomsWhoDontThrowShitOut
Ok well now she’s just putting all my business in the streets. Moo Moo was a not-so-creatively-named stuffed cow I carried around for perhaps way too long. #Quarantine may soon lead to my mom just posting everything she finds from my childhood & adolescence on the Internet.
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