@ishehnaaz_gill @sidharth_shukla Honestly, at this point you should just come out and end the #SidNaaz tag. I wish the best for your personal lives always!

But everything we do to keep the hype alive is met with criticism. You not using the hashtag is not enough.
Be vocal yourselves and say it out loud.. That you do not appreciate our efforts to keep the tag going!

We will be happy to stop! But we keep going because we feel like it is good for your professional lives too. There has never ever been a jodi this popular after all!
What is in it for me and my friends? Absolutely nothing.

We get happy when you thank your fandoms.. because we love you both independently as well. But neither of the fandoms accepts us as their own.

So its all a thank less job!
I still do it.. A million others still do it. Just because of pure love for the both of you.

We do not even need a thing in return.. But just your happiness! That keeps us going.

Personal invasion won't be appreciated. I am aware of that.
But at this point.. nothing can stop it.. So I really urge you both your teams to come out and request for the tag to be ended.

It isn't a PR drill after all. It isn't adding value apparently to your professional lives. And what happens personally is none of our business really
Away from the world of fandom wars and twitter trends.. Always remember that there are a million of us praying for you and your happiness each and everyday!

It's time to turn into a silent supporter now!

Forever grateful,
Forever in love,
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