NEW: Ontario has 411 new #covid19 cases, a 6.6% increase (yesterday it was 8.3%)
Hospitalizations: 691 - up 18 from yesterday
Patients in ICU - 257 - down 3 from yesterday
Patients on Ventilators - 215 - down 2 from yesterday
total # of cases in province: 6,648
Deaths in past 24 hours in Ontario: 31. Total deaths are 253
More numbers for perspective, take a look at exponential growth over past 5 weeks
Wk of March 7 - avg 7 new cases/day
Wk of March 14 -avg 34 new cases/day
Wk of March 21 -avg 96 new cases/day
Wk of March 27 -avg 323 new cases/day
Wk of April 4th - avg 426 new cases/day
So while the numbers on the surface look concerning (don't get me wrong any increase is concerning) the EXPONENTIAL growth has slowed. And yes we have not done a lot of testing, hence my previous tweets tracking hospitalizations for added context
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