Petite Seoul mega sale!
Our korean address owner aka an ABNEW bought extra ab6ix albums to get into fansigns n shes selling all albums and some items for low prices! Refer to the thread and 2nd pic for the prices ☺️ All prices stated are 1st payment

Solely first pay first serve
1st payment prices:

1. AB6IX album (fullset) = RM30
2. AB6IX album only = RM18
3. Album inclusion set = RM16

*can choose inclusions
1st payment prices:

4. Woojin Slogan = RM45 each
5. 2 Photobook = RM25
6. Wanna one membership kit = RM30
1st payment prices:

7. Wanna one IPU KIT = RM35
8. Wanna one T-money card = RM15
Wannaone membership kit ❌ IPU kit ❌ T- money card ❌
Update for AB6IX albums, IPU kits and above thread items.

- AB6IX @ Wannaone stuffs released from the customs are otw to our house. We will send 2nd payment shortly for all of the items in this thread. Thankyou for waiting!
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