#QAnon #QArmy
A word to the wise on the second day of Easter:

Do not attack one another if mistakes are made. Anons have put much effort into trying to understand what is happening, and what will happen. Until Q said not to worry about dates, everyone did to some degree.
2. Understand, if we went looking for dates, and even got some right at first, so did [they]. Those dates then likely and necessarily changed, because of standard military procedures.

Some of us are very smart, and some of us do have connection to get some information.
3. That said, none of us have full Q connections. Remember disinformation is necessary, and if you or someone you know or relied on was fooled by disinfo, so were they.

Do not attack them for it, do not divide yourselves.
4. Now is the time to put away hurts, and cast off ego and arrogance. I know many will not, but you within the reach of my voice, please do.

This is a time for healing. Remember, the tomb was empty, and with that empty tomb so too our sins.
5. The only requirement to empty ourselves of sin, is that we give them up. This being the key point of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Anons, it's time to give up our little sins, and our egos.
Anons, it's time to start practicing what we preach.
6. Anons, we have learned from Q; we've come together, rallying around this banner.
We must restrain ourselves, and remember that each one of us is in a different place, at a different level, and have different access to info.
None of us know it all.
7. The more we learn, the more we learn that there is to learn. This should be the basis of our conversations with one another. Every person here is trying their best.

Real trolls and shills aside, we cannot be treating each other with disdain. STOP IT!
8. The trolls and shills will expose themselves. Do not fret over fellow anons mistakes or passions about tiny particular subjects or points you may disagree with. Discuss, and agree to disagree if necessary, but stop attacking.

We are better than this.
9. This is #TheGreatAwakening.

This is our moment to shine or fade.

Be the change you wish to see.

10. The whole point behind this, is to #EndEvil. Such a lofty goal, and many would say impossible. To this I say, when presented with such a curious and difficult problem, you must think outside the box. There is nothing impossible, nothing.
So join with me to do the impossible, let's change the world.

Start with ourselves, and teach by pure discourse and example. Let your light grow first, and then shine it for others. #DarkToLight

Peace and harmony being the foundation for this, keep it at the forefront.
Others are watching us.

Set the example.

This is #TheStorm and we are #InItTogether.

Where we go one, we go all.
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