A lot of talk about #COVIDー19 immune registries. From an epidemiologic, public health perspective, it is important to know how populations have been, & are being, infected. We have registries for school vaccinations as precedent. **BUT** there are risks.
Right now we are waiting on a reliable anti- #COVIDー19 IgG assay, meaning, if recent history is any indication, may not be immediately ready for all 350M Americans to be tested.

Who gets dibs on testing? Health care workers? Grocery store staff? Wall Street floor traders?
What about inequities in health care? Getting back to school immunization registries, states have federally-funded Vaccines for Children programs, guaranteeing all children have access to vaccines. Will all people regardless of means have access to #COVIDー19 testing?
With a #COVIDー19 immunity registry, will employers be able to discriminate against non-immune people in a time of national crisis and confusion?
Documenting #COVIDー19 immunity is a necessary and powerful public health tool. If it becomes an economic tool, we may look back and wonder where things went wrong.
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