【Thread】 1/4 Reportedly, Latin America, Africa, and East Asia is likely to emerge as the new #coronavirus epicenter from April to May 2020.

2/4 Given the limited capacity of respective governments, dearth of social autonomy, and inadequate medical capacity of developing countries, it is feared this third global outbreak will only lead to a more serious humanitarian catastrophe

#COVIDー19 #coronavirus
3/4 For those backward nations that are about to enter the heart of the storm, the world's advanced economies and major powers need to reach out in a timely manner on the basis of controlling their own outbreaks, and provide aid

#COVIDー19 #coronavirus
4/4 This critical juncture truly puts humanity to test. In the face of great suffering & risks, time to use love, knowledge & expertise for a shared future of humanity. Time for humans to manifest the glory as the spirit of all things
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#coronavirus #COVIDー19
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