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10 Extremely Disturbing Stories
KㅡPop Fans that Went too Far

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Most of KㅡPop fans draw the line between fantasy and reality, they also respect their idol's privacy.

However, there are also Sasaeng fans who obsessively stalk and invade the personal lives of idols.
If any of you wondering about... what are Sasaeng fans? I will give you a brief definition here.

Sasaeng fans refers to people who exhibit obsessive, dangerous and stalker behaviour towards idols.
K-pop idols have to deal with all kinds of scrutiny,

but sasaengs cross the line from supporting their idols to harassing and frightening them in ways that are often illegal.
It happens many times, however here are 10 extreme times these fans went too far with their obsession:

1. Kim Heechul`s Car Accident

Super Junior's Heechul once encountered fans that caused him to have a car accident and injure himself.
He was driving when he noticed Sasaeng fans following him with their car.

As he didn't want to be followed, he tried to escape from them. He took various routes, but ended up getting in a car accident and broke his leg.
The injury has had a lasting effect on his ability to perform live, and he now avoids dancing for the most part on stage.

He had to go through a lot of rehabilitation. Even to this day, he has reported that he still feels the pain.
2. EXO`s Attempted Kidnapping

In 2013, EXO had just finished their schedules. They emerged from a building where they had been working and headed towards what they thought was their van.
They almost entered the van, luckily their manager thought something was off and stopped them from getting in.

Sasaeng fans rented a van which was identical to EXO's van and parked it in front Of the building where exo had their schedule.

3. G-Dragon’s Trespassing Fans

Sasaeng fans used to camp outside G-Dragon's house, waiting to catch the glimpse of the idol.

However, he's not the only one who lived there.
His mother and sister became frightened of the fans and didn't want to leave the house by themselves.

Then, G-Dragon had to make a tweet, asking them to stop doing such thing!
Here's the tweet that he made for the Sasaeng fans:

"Nowadays kids follow me to my house.. right to the gates..
I understand but this has to stop…my mother and sister get scared.. don’t hide in the front."
4. Yunho Glue`s Drink Incident

In 2006, Yunho was filming a variety show. A "fan" gave him a drink and he drank the whole bottle at once. Then he started smelling something weird and coughed up blood.
Apparently, the "fan" was an anti and she put strong glue in the drink.

Because of the glue, his throat and stomach were injured. After discharging from the hospital, he still had reflux esophagitis.
The anti also gave a letter with the drink, and she said the reason why she gave the drink is because "she hated him". 

Yunho was greatly traumatized with this incident and even considered quitting his celebrity position.
5. Taeyeon's Attempted Kidnapping

Back in 2011 when Taeyeon was performing “Run Devil Run” with Girls’ Generation at the Lotte World Ice Rink, a Sasaeng managed to sneak on stage and nearly managed to run off with her in tow.
If it weren’t for the MC of the show, comedian Oh Jung Tae, and her fellow groupmate Sunny, who followed her to protect her,

the young man might have been successful in his attempt to kidnap Taeyeon!

6. Jackson's Car Accident

Jackson of GOT7 was involved in a car accident and suffered injuries when a sasaeng vehicle stalking him followed his vehicle too close.
Thankfully, he didn't appear to be seriously injured, however it didn't mean he wasn’t injured at all.

There are images of him holding his back while walking around is never a great sight to see. Don't you agree?
7. BTS Airport Mobbing

It's not uncommon to see fans waiting for popular group BTS at the airport.

Unfortunately, mobbing incidents are also uncommon!
While some fans don't participate in the mobbing and try to stop the more invasive fans,

there's still a significant number of fans who would grab them and chase after them.
It's difficult for them to walk and causing Jimin to fall over at one time.

One fan was filmed at the airport trying to lunge at V before being stopped by a security guard.
8. Scary Story of H.O.T Tony Ahn

Tony Ahn once said that he often got a nightmare about someone touching him, and when he opened his eyes a bit, he found a woman was standing beside his bed and was rubbing his chest.
One day, he went home earlier than usual. He was having a rest at home, but suddenly..

Sad ringtone started playing out of nowhere. He checked his phone to see if it was coming from his phone.

Note: the picts are remake, not the real Tony Sunbaenim.
Then he carefully opened the sink and opened the drawer He was shocked and felt down because a woman was sleeping under the sink.

That woman is his fan who kept appearing on his nightmare.

9. Taecyeon Receives a Note Written in Blood

2PM's Taecyeon received a letter from a superfan a few years ago. Instead of it being a sweetly written note with hearts drawn around it and glitter sprinkled in the card, he got a bloody one.
it was a piece of paper with the following words written in her period blood:

"I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter. Ok Taecyeon, you cannot live without me."

Bigbang's Taeyang and GD also has the same experience as him.
Two American fans sent Taeyang and GD two love letters, blotted with specs of their own blood.

ㅡ The first fan cut her neck and palm for Taeyang's letter
ㅡ The second slit her neck and wrist for G-dragon

Trigger warning!
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10. BTS and Sasaeng Fans

The more famous a group is, the more problems they will have. Don’t worry though, the problems are not in BTS, but their sasaeng fans.

And here are what sasaengs have done to BTS beside mobbing them in the Airplane:
a. Personal Information

A YouTuber posted a photo that appears to be a copy of V’s passport to the channel community.

The photograph contains Kim Taehyung’s real name and personal information such as resident registration number and passport number.
b. Cutting

A topic about BTS is suddenly trending in twitter. The trending hashtag was #CuttingForKookie. This hashtag was trended for Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.
Trigger warning!
⚠️⚠️ Disturbing Image ⚠️⚠️

Not only Korean fans participated in this baffling event, but international fans also took a part.

These sasaengfans uploaded pictures of their wrists` cut.
c. Booked the Same Plane

There is a video uploaded by BigHit’s staff in an airplane when the boys are heading somewhere.
All the passengers are suspected to be sasaeng fans because most of them wore a hoodie and a mask, and they seemed to be in the same age range.
Especially when the airplane had finally landed, all of them hurriedly got up and got out of the plane impatiently without taking care of their bags or luggage in the cabin.

Unfortunately the video had been deleted by the staff. Creepy, aren’t they?
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