Theology is literally just a bunch of theories about God. People who get theology degrees are people who have sat around long enough to argue about something they must admit they know they don’t fully understand nor could. So why is it that so many feel God’s distant?
Because we’ve made it about theory and not experience. We have created a system to fit Spirit into and as Spirit begins to break out of those systems, our whole world seems to fall apart. But here’s the gag of it:

That’s the whole point.
Theory should lead to practice. And often times/especially in more conservative Christian circles, we get all theory, no practice.

God loves you.
Annnnnd like don’t sin i guess?

It’s no wonder we feel far from God because we’ve never experienced God up close.
We get these shallow practices that lead to shallow understanding. And that has to change if we hope to live much past the present apocalypse.

ACIM tells us that a universal theology is impossible, however a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.
We need to develop faith practices that are a dance between theory and practice AND critique.

Did this work? What did I feel? What is changing in me? Do I feel resistance to this? If so, what do I need to release or bring in to help?
Now granted, no practice is perfect and every practice will fail if you try it once and then stop. But you must find something that will help ground you in the present, in your body.

...and that’s where my heads at. Blessed Holy Saturday, y’all.
Further thought: what if practice lead to theory instead? What if our experiences of the Holy were the things that allowed us to state what we know about God nor just the theories about rules of how God does or does not work?
This is why a universal experience of God’s presence and our inherent holiness is essential to our healing.
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