Idols covering, sharing and recommending wendy's songs, and appreciating her vocals ; a thread
Taeyeon listening to and singing along to wendy's ost goodbye
Taeyeon, singing goodbye in another video
Taeyeon, again singing goodbye in karaoke 😅 (where's the collab?)
Izone's chaeyeon mentioned wendy's ost return as a song that comforts her
Chungha recommending goodbye as an ost she listens to a lot
WJSN's Exy and Seola talking about how they like wendy's prechorus in psycho and how difficult it is to sing because it's so high
Stray kids chan talking about how amazing wendy's prechorus in psycho is, and that it made the song even better
Bts V recommended wendy's spring love as one of his favourite romantic songs
MXM's donghyun recommended sping love
Izone Chaeyeon recommended goodbye as well
Rocket Punch’s Juri talking about an old performance wendy did on a radio show 'goodbye sadness hello happiness' and saying it was heart touching
ITZY Chaeryeong said she listens to goodbye a lot
Oh My Girl's Hyojung talking about how she loves goodbye and waited for it to be released while watching the drama, and saying members binnie and seunghee keep singing it as well
GWSN Seoryoung covered goodbye
Winner seungyoon played written in the stars on his radio show
NCT Dream Renjun playing goodbye
NCT Renjun played spring love in his radio show
Exo Chanyeol personally wanted wendy to do the stay with me collab at smtown because he thought her voice fit the song the best
Golden Child's Joochan covered goodbye
The Boyz New (Chanhee) covered goodbye
Cix Jinyoung recommended goodbye
Wanna one's Daehwi also said he likes goodbye
D1CE's Woodam covered goodbye as well
Bonus 😅 : Red Velvet Irene saying wendy's voice is her favourite. Irene has also covered wendy's solo song last love and recommended it many times
Super Junior Yesung mentioned wendy as one of the top 5 SM vocalists
S.I.S Dal covered goodbye
Bonus 😅: Red Velvet Seulgi calling wendy the best vocalist of the generation and being the best and most supportive friend
Verivery's Dongheon said he likes written in the stars
ikon Donghyuk also said he likes goodbye
Weki Meki Lucy recommended goodbye
Infinite Sungjong added goodbye to his playlist
Rocket Punch Suyun recommended spring love
Weki Meki Lucy and Sei listening to what if love
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